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Welcome to Mnzil by Cheeltech!

Your premier companion for seamless public transport navigation in Karachi. Whether you're a daily commuter or a city explorer, Mnzil, brought to you by Cheeltech, is here to simplify your travel experience through the vibrant streets of Karachi.

How It Works:

Input your starting point and destination, and let Mnzil do the rest. We provide a tailored list of public transport options, including buses, mini-buses, and more. Even if a direct route isn't available, our tool suggests connecting options for an efficient journey.

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Efficiency: Save time with our user-friendly interface that quickly generates optimized routes tailored to your preferences.

Comprehensive Information: Access detailed data on all public vehicles, routes, and connecting options in one place.

Unique Approach: Mnzil takes an innovative approach to public transport navigation in Karachi, addressing a gap in the market.

Technology Stack:

Mnzil by Cheeltech leverages the power of Next Js, Tailwind CSS, FastAPI and PostgreSQL ensuring a seamless and responsive public transport route planning experience.

Data Collection Journey:

Our dedication and persistence drive the data collection journey for Mnzil. In the absence of readily available online data, we've invested significant time manually curating information. Acknowledging initial imperfections, we're committed to continuous improvement, actively refining our database. Your understanding and patience are invaluable as we strive for accuracy.

Why Your Contribution Matters:

Your firsthand experiences and insights are crucial to enhancing the accuracy of our data. Contribute to our collective efforts by sharing reliable information and be a vital part of the journey with Cheeltech. Thank you for choosing Mnzil by Cheeltech for your public transport navigation needs. Let's make every journey through Karachi a smooth and informed one.